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The RMCProfile version 6 package can be downloaded here (serial parallel). The current version is 6.7.4, this includes a significant number of bug fixes and enhancements over the previous version. Just in case we broke something else the previous versions can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions

To install RMCProfile on an Windows machine:

  • Unzip the file once it has downloaded.
  • Then copy the whole RMCProfile_package folder to a more permanent home, such as c:\RMCProfile. The folder should contain two sub-folders (exe and tutorial) and a file called RMCPRofile_setup.bat.
  • To run the program double click on the RMCProfile_setup.bat file. This should bring up a command prompt window called RMCProfile.
  • To get started open the rmcprofile_tutorial.pdf file in the tutorial folder and follow the instructions. For more detailed information the RMCProfile manual can also be found in the tutorial folder or here.